EFT Certification Process

Pre-Requisites for Certification:

  • A post graduate degree in a relevant discipline / mental health field such as Social Work, Psychology, Education, Counseling, Marital and Family Therapy, and Pastoral Care.

  • Membership in a recognized professional association, such as AAMFT.

  • Current clinical therapy practice (must include some couples and/or families).

  • License to practice psychotherapy in the state applicant resides.

  • Proof of malpractice insurance.

  • Completion of at least one graduate course on the practice of couples / family therapy at a registered institution or equivalent.

  • Membership in ICEEFT

Requirements for Certification:

  • Complete a four-day EFT Externship

  • Attend a four weekend Core Skills Series

  • Minimum of 8 hours of Clinical Supervision with a Certified EFT Supervisor

  • Submit your application packet for certification. For more detailed information on the application process visit: https://iceeft.com/road-to-certification/