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Training DVD #1: Healing broken bonds

1993, DVD
This DVD shows one couple progressing through the change process in EFT, from a destructive cycle of blame/withdraw to emotional engagement and the creation of a more secure bond. Excerpts from various sessions are re-enacted along with therapist commentary. Key interventions used in EFT are shown. An excerpt of the first session assessment and the identification of the couples' negative cycle follows. Excerpts from sessions eight and twelve illustrate the process of re-engaging the withdrawn partner in the relationship. A key change event in EFT, softening the more hostile partner, is shown in session 14, and excerpts from session 15 and 17 illustrate how this change is integrated and treatment terminated. The DVD runs for approximately 95 minutes and is taken from real therapy transcripts. These transcripts are illustrated by actors to protect the identity of the couple.

Training DVD #3: A Consultation in EFT - Shaping Change Events

2003, DVD 1 hr and 22 minutes
This DVD shows a live consultation with a couple stuck in a blamer / withdrawer pattern. Sue Johnson moves the partners into the beginning of withdrawer re-engagement and blamer softening, two regular EFT change events. The couple is then able to repeat these experiences in further sessions with the referring therapist, successfully transforming their relationship. There is an introductory conversation with Sue Johnson and Kate Ciceri the referring therapist.

Training DVD #4: Interventions in EFT - Changing the Music, Changing the Dance

2003, DVD
Disc 1: 1 hour and 49 minutes 
Disc 2: 35 minutes
See interventions in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy identified as Dr. Johnson uses them in three live sessions taken from the first and beginning of the second stage of therapy. Use this resource together with The Practice of EFT (2004) and the workbook - Becoming and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist (2005) to grasp the essentials of this powerful, empirically validated approach to working with couples.

Training DVD # 5: Re-engaging Withdrawers

2009, DVD
Disc 1: 92 minutes 
Disc 2: 85 minutes
This DVD shows two complete live sessions (with Dr. Sue Johnson as the therapist) that were conducted at Externships in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy in 2008/2009.

  • Disc 1: Couple 1 - Session 8 of EFT with John and Julia

  • Disc 2: Couple 2 - Session 11 of EFT with Juli and Lee

These couples had never met with Dr. Johnson before these sessions and knew that they were being observed and had been recommended for these consultations by their EFT therapists. The couples are now entering Stage II where the therapist helps partners to reach for each other and create positive bonding events. The first task is to focus on engaging the more withdrawn partner (John in Couple 1 and Juli in Couple 2).

Training DVD #6: In EFT - Promoting Key Change Events in Emtionally Focused Therapy

Dr. T. Leanne Campbell & Dr. David R. Fairweather,
EFT Trainers and Supervisors

2010, DVD Training Tape: 90 minutes. Directed by Frederic Robinson, FPR Productions - www.FPRProductions.com

This DVD film compellingly depicts Dr. Leanne Campbell’s therapeutic work with three engaging couples (in role play). Interspersed with discussions with her trusted consultant Dr. David Fairweather, "In EFT" chronicles Leanne's day-by-day therapy experiences, and displays her empathic and focused style in helping couples to move toward more authentic emotional contact in EFT sessions.

“In EFT” is divided into three chapters. Chapter 1 - "In Pursuit of the Primary Emotion" – gives us insight into "William and Mary" as we witness Leanne working compassionately and directively to deepen emotional experience with a quiet male withdrawer and anxious female pursuer. Chapter 2 - "Moving Toward Engagement and Softening" – introduces us to "Cindy and Bob" where we see Leanne's focused attempts to engage a blaming male pursuer, and guide him toward a gentler position which could create a safer context for bonding interactions to occur. Chapter 3 - "Coming Together in the Face of Loss" - reveals the courageous determination of "Max and Joanie" in their attempt to rebuild emotional bonds in the face of profound family tragedy.

Training DVD #7: Emotionally Focused Therapy in Action ~ Individual Version

In this 4.5 hour DVD, Dr. Sue Johnson conducts an actual session with a challenging couple haunted by the "echoes of war". Sue consults with the couples' therapist, aided by video clips from prior sessions and discussed key points with Dr. Victor Yalom. Then Dr. Johnson works with the couple in a brilliant demonstration of the subtley and efficacy of EFT. In a single session, she helps them conceptualize their conflicts in attachment ters, gain an understanding of their negative cycle and begin to reveal some of the vulnerable feelings that underlie their explosive anger.

Commentary with Dr. Johnson and Dr. Victor Yalom before, during and after the consultation and session provides insight into her approach.

Training DVD #8: Working Successfully with Same Sex Couples

Working Successfully with Same Sex Couples, The EFT Path to Secure Connection, demonstrates in two live sessions with Dr. Sue Johnson how the power of EFT's attachment frame and interventions are equally relevant for gay and heterosexual couples.  This 4 hour video includes voice over commentary and a panel discussion with three EFT therapists about responding to the unique challenges faced by same sex couples.

Training DVD #9: Finding The Connection

This DVD set shows two complete live session that were conducted at an Externship in Emotionally Focused Therapy in 2010 in the Netherlands.  The live sessions were carried out by Dr. Scott R. Woolley and Ms. Yolanda von Hockauf, both demonstrating Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, as developed by Dr. Sue Johnson. (2 DVD set 2.8 hrs)

Training DVD #10: Hold Me Tight DVD

Join three couples as they create a more loving, secure bond — a bond that lasts a lifetime.This DVD shows three couples who — with the help of Sue Johnson — go through six of the conversations from her book, Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love.  The conversations shown here are based on Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT), an empirically validated approach to improving relationships, shown to help 7 out of 10 couples move from frustration and loneliness into a secure loving bond. You will see couples move through seven conversations:

  • Conversation 1 — Recognizing the Demon Dialogues

  • Conversation 2 — Finding the Raw Spots

  • Conversation 4 — Hold Me Tight — Engaging and Connecting

  • Conversation 5 — Forgiving Injuries

  • Conversation 6 — Bonding through Sex and Touch

  • Conversation 7 — Keeping Your Love Alive

Training DVD #11: Caught in the Struggle DVD

The attuned EFT therapist physically and emotionally experiences a couple's distress through limbic system arousal, right brain communication and mirror neurons.  This DVD illustrates the attuned EFT therapist at work. Through dramatized short segments of EFT couple therapy sessions, this DVD demonstrates the interplay between couple, therapist, and the therapist's triggered internal responses.  The therapist puts her own struggles into words, and discusses her attempts to regulate her emotional responses to the couple.

Training DVD #12: Stage One of EFT for Couples DVD

At a "Congress" sponsored by the Milton H. Erickson Foundation, Sue Johnson does a live session with a couple working in Stage One, in front of a live audience.  The "Congress" was titled "brief therapy; LASTING SOLUTIONS" and occurred in Orlando, Florida on Dec. 9-12, 2010.

Training DVD #13: American Psychological Association Series IV-Relationships DVD

The APA Psychotherapy Videos present distinguished psychologists demonstrating specific approaches to a wide range of patient problems.  In Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy for Clients Dealing With Infidelity, Sue Johnson demonstrates this experiential, integrative approach for helping couples deal more effectively with feelings of distress and negative interaction patterns so that they can restore trust and develop more secure attachment bonds.  Emotionally focused couple therapy centers on emotions and how partners communicate their emotions to one another.  This is a collaborative approach in which the therapist focuses on sitting with the couple as they make sense of their emotions, creating a secure base that facilitates the forgiveness process and the sharing of core fears and needs.  The ultimate goal of therapy is to help couples to learn to speak in a direct and open way about their feelings so that they can state their needs and develop a deeper, richer attachment bond.  In this DVD, Dr. Johnson helps a couple as they struggle with issues surrounding infidelity.

Training DVD #14: Deep Step Three DVD

This emotionally moving DVD shows Dr. Lisa Palmer-Olsen and Kathryn de Bruin doing co-therapy with a couple.  Together they are able to access the more withdrawn partner’s emotions.  It is a good demonstration of a deep step three. This video is stage one but may look like a stage two to the beginning EFT therapist.  It is a stage one because it is the first time this client has accessed the view of self, along with his primary attachment affect, and with Lisa’s and Kathryn’s help, he is becoming more organized around his experience.  It is out of a deep step three that the cycle becomes clearer.  It is not emotionally corrective (that would be stage 2).  Instead he is sharing (stage 1) something he has never shared with his wife before. This video was shown at the Boulder Core Skills in December of 2012. 

Training DVD #16: Shaping Secure Connection: Stages 1 & 2 of Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy

 ”Stage 1 of EFT helps partners come together and contain the negative dance that constantly triggers their attachment vulnerabilities and leaves them in emotional starvation.  They then have a secure base to stand and learn to engage at a deeper level in Stage II, where they reach for each other and shape their relationship into a secure bond – a safe haven that supports and nourished both of them.” 

In this video you will see two case presentations and live sessions of Stage I and Stage II (Pursuer Softening) EFT change processes.  In both sessions subtitles appear that comment on interventions as they occur.  Sue and Marlene also discuss their session and outline how each session is typical of the stage in which it occurred.  A link to a full transcript of all content is provided. 

Watching this video, you will learn:

  • How to constantly create safety across stages in EFT

  • How the EFT therapist conducts a Stage I and Stage II (Pursuer Softening) session and uses EFT interventions

  • How to pinpoint and work to neutralize negative cycles in distressed couples

Training DVD #17:  BCEFT Role Play Example of a Stage 1 Certification

This video has all the elements that required for stage 1 certification.  Alliance, cycle focused, attunemet, enactments are in the service of clarifying the cycle, evoking and moving toward primary emotion.

This tape demonstrates the 5 Basic Moves of EFT.  Dancing the EFT Tango by Dr. Sue Johnson.

  1. Reflect Present Process (within/between)

  2. Explore slightly different deeper or new emotions.

  3. Set up/Create enactment (pass primary emotion to their partner).

  4. Porcess the enactment/How it feels to tell; how it feels to hear.

  5. Integrate/validate/Reflect Process. (VOS, VOO, Relationship)  “Tie on a bow”

Training DVD #18: Attachment Cradle to Grave

In this six disc DVD set experts Dr. Sue Johnson and Dr. Dan Hughes describe the framework of attachment, and how it relates to both Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT) and Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP). Both speak into each other's model through dialogue and panel discussions.

Watching this DVD set, you will:

  • Understand the framework of attachment and how, by using Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, you can create secure emotional connections between couples.

  • Learn how to apply the theoretical model of Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy in your daily practice in order to support children and their families to co-create meaningful narratives and form more secure attachments.

Training DVD #19: On Target Couple Interventions in the Age of Attachment

  • The cutting edge of couple interventions

  • Heralded by The New York Times and Time magazine as the couple therapy with the highest rate of success

  • Structured interventions to regulate and transform emotions and emotional signals

  • Tested ways of choreographing a couples’ dance to foster emotional connection and fulfill attachment needs

Complete this seminar and learn from the best! Let world renowned expert Dr. Sue Johnson show you how the EFT method illustrates the new science of love and bonding. The day will include didactic presentations on the nature of love and attachment, the state of couple therapy and the conceptual and clinical base of EFT. There will also be experiential exercises and the observation and discussion of therapy sessions.

You will leave with your own blueprint for EFT that allows you, the therapist to be precisely on target - to go to the heart of the matter and shape new interactions that redefine the security of the bond between partners and create an environment of healing and growth.


Training DVD #20: Risking, Reaching and Responding - Transforming Relationships in Stage 2 of EFT

Watching this video you will learn:

  • How to shape the safety that allows partners to risk & reach for one another.

  • How to work with emotions in ways that shape emotional balance & mutual responsiveness.

  • How to shape bonding moments that transform love relationships.


Training DVD #21: Facing the Dragon - EFT with Traumatized Couples

Watching this video you will learn:

  1. How attachment science provides a template for working with trauma & the negative cycles traumatic experience creates in relationships.

  2. How to create a safe haven environment in session with those vigilant for danger.

    How to move through EFT Stage 1 in a way that contains the impact of trauma on interactions, and Stage 2, in a way that shapes secure bonding moments.