Registry Disclosure Note to all readers:Boulder Community for Emotionally Focused Therapy provides this professional directory to assist you in locating a therapist who has been trained in the Emotionally Focused Therapy modality.  All of the therapists listed in this directory are independent practitioners.  BCEFT does not provide therapy itself, and BCEFT does not endorse, guarantee, or warrant the credentials, work, abilities or opinions of any individual therapist.  BCEFT does not provide any assurances or warranties regarding the suitability of a therapist for your needs or the outcome of any therapeutic treatment.  This directory is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis or treatment.  In no event shall BCEFT be liable to you or anyone else for any decision or action taken in reliance on information provided by this professional directory or for the actions of any of the listed therapists.  This directory does not list all of the therapists who may use the Emotionally Focused Therapy modality as part of their practice.

BCEFT 2017 Members

Kari Baker |

Laurie Branch |  

Stephanie Bryan |

Lisa Cargerman |

Sally Chamberlaine |

Sara Cohen |

Lynne Foote |

Wendy Gaylord |

Elizabeth Gillespie |

Sashi Gollub |

Chelsea Holland |

Emily Johnson |

Gary Johnson |

Eve Kilmer |

Heidi Knapp |

Sharon Kocina |

Kristin Lavelle

Robert Leach |

Julie Marino |

Chappell Marmon |

Kate Marshall |

Heather Menzie |

Karen Michelson |

Mary Murray |

Kathy Narum |

Nicol Pate |

Patrick Prag |

Allison Rimland |

Ellen Rossier |

Diana Shenkin |

Patti Swope |

Lisa K. Sydow |

Dawn Taylor |  

Jim Thomas |

Anne Weatherley |

Rachel Weddle |